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Sunday, February 13, 2005

российские военные преступления в Чечне
Bismillahir Rahmanır Rahim.Quran 8:18. Spoils of War (Surah Al Anfal) "That, and also because Allah is He Who makes feeble the plans and stratagem of the Unbelievers." First i want to thank everybody who gave me this opportunity to publish the facts about continuing crimes carried out by russian soldiers and russian intelligence against the humanity in Chechnya. If you want to read this site in Turkish, which is my language, please visit this link: Bu sayfayı Türkçe okumak için lütfen aşağıdaki linke tıklayın :


maloud said...

Os direitos humanos não nasceram para todos.

e-konoklasta said...

Creio mas é, que nem todos nasceram para os direitos humanos... sinas, para gerações perdidas.

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